The Stories Behind Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction: It’s a Business Problem
September 30, 2016
Wisdom From the Masters
October 6, 2016

The Stories Behind Sex Addiction

A piece on CBS’ Sunday Morning show from 2008 shows how stories are just as similar and significant today. The piece features author, Susan Cheever, and commentary by AFAR Founder and Board Member, Patrick Carnes, PhD.

“…How did Joe’s addiction begin?

“When I was 14 – 13, 14 – I thought I invented masturbation. I thought it was great.”

Joe says he’s battled sex addiction for decades. With adult magazines, prostitutes, massage parlors, and then Internet porn, “It just got worse and worse, to where, you know, at my previous job I was doin’ it two, four hours a day.”

“You were looking at pornography at work?” asked Doane.

“Yeah, yeah.”

He says it ruled his life, and ruined his two marriages.

“When I’m in the mind frame of wanting to do pornography, you don’t think about anything else. You’re focused on getting that high, getting that adrenaline rush.”

A rush that seems to be as powerful as it can be difficult to discuss.

“People are embarrassed,” Susan Cheever said. “There’s a lot of shame around this subject.”‘

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