Recovery Works — National Recovery Month

How do you Define ‘Sex Addict’?
September 23, 2016

Recovery Works — National Recovery Month

Do you look forward to September because life returns to that comfortable normal pace? Before you get too cozy getting back into your routine, I ask you to recognize September as National Recovery Month.

Addiction is embedded in our society affecting every family and every community. Confronting and defeating addiction is the most important challenge facing our society today.

For National Recovery Month, AFAR’s focus is on sexual addiction. Questions and misinformation about sexual addiction have been in the news all summer — between Ozzy Osbourne, former Rep. Anthony Weiner and Ret. Army Major General David Haight there’s been much to talk about.

Just as an alcoholic’s relationship with alcohol is more important than any relationship or anything; a distorted, mood-altering relationship with sex becomes central to the sex addict. As with any addiction, these addict’s secret lives become more important and real than their public lives.

What can you do to promote National Recovery Month?

  • Talk to your friends, family and colleagues candidly about addiction.
  • Clear up misinformation with facts.
  • Spread the word: recovery benefits everyone!

What have you done this month to break the stigma of addiction? Join the discussion below!

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  1. Susie M. says:

    I had a great conversation with a friend about my previous struggles in my marriage with sex addiction.

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