Why we need your help!

A Fulbright Update
August 16, 2017

Why we need your help!

Hello Friend of AFAR,

Giving Tuesday, a day when you support your favorite non-profits, was this week and we dropped the ball. But there’s a reason… we’ve been busy and wanted to update you on AFAR and to express our appreciation for all of your support. This is a challenging moment in our history as a society:

*The sexual harassment crisis continues to swirl around us
*The death rate from opioid overdoses continues to rise; we have barely begun to address the opioid epidemic
*Every hour 600 children get their first exposure to sex on the internet, many before the age of 10. We are facing a tsunami of sexual compulsivity in the next generation

Never before has there been a greater need for what AFAR does. And we need your financial generosity.

Dr. Carnes’ Fulbright research project (the genetics of sex addiction) is progressing rapidly. We have collected data on 450+ addicts and healthy controls and are in the midst of a preliminary analysis of data. Early results are exciting and highly promising! We will continue enrolling subjects through next spring.

New projects for 2018 include a pilot study with the University of North Carolina that will look at the effectiveness of treatment for sex addiction. We also are planning to examine the impact of treatment on special overlooked populations such as active members of the military who have sex addiction or have partners with sex addiction.

We look forward to another milestone year. Please consider us for your charitable giving! Our goal is to raise $350,000 to complete the Fulbright project and fund our other initiatives and we can’t do it without your support. Every dollar matters and helps AFAR move forward in our work in education, research, and advocacy within the field of addiction.

Many thanks,
Rick Isenberg, MD CSAT
Executive Director

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