Living the Values Behind the Steps

First a Book. Then 12 Weekend Retreats.
Now an Online Recovery Program.

In 2012 A Gentle Path through the Twelve Principles was published by Dr. Patrick Carnes. In his book Dr. Carnes states, “I have long felt that many people who have been in recovery for a year or more need a book that condenses and presents the essentials of long-term recovery in a practical, deliberate way. Such a book ought to provide a curriculum to help create more robust recoveries, fewer, and briefer relapses, and greater serenity. A Gentle Path through the Twelve Principles is that book.”

In 2013, a series of twelve weekend retreats, sponsored by AFAR, began and would continue to span over a three year period. These retreats focused on each of the Twelve Principles more in depth, designed to move us from following the “rules” of the steps to a life full of freedom as we integrate the Principles into our very way of being. Learning and implementing The Twelve Principles is a paradigm shift: the rules, beliefs, and processes through which we perceive things go through a fundamental change.

In 2014, continuing to gain momentum and educate those in recovery, AFAR introduced and unveiled The Twelve Principles Online Curriculum to the world. This free program takes you on an even deeper journey into recovery focusing on daily journals, activities, readings, and reflections accessible anywhere with an internet connection. The journey itself is designed to be a three year process, with deep focus on one Principle at a time for three months.
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"The Principles require a higher level of thinking and learning than any rule, because a principle requires both reflection and mindful implementation."
  • 2012THE BOOK

    A Gentle Path through the Twelve Principles was published teaching recovery people how to live a life beyond the steps.

    Twelve quarterly retreats began, creating a weekend to help recovering individuals connect and dive deeper into each of the Twelve Principles.

    An interactive recovery program free for anyone to sign up and use, teaching you how to live a daily life in recovery.