The Fulbright Award Campaign

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Campaign Goal - $300,000 through December 31, 2018


Is Sexual Addiction a Genetic Disease? What genes are linked to sexual addiction? How do these genes compare to the genes linked to alcoholism and drug addiction? Dr. Patrick Carnes intends to find answers to these questions in his groundbreaking research into the genetics of sexual addiction.

Founder of AFAR, Patrick Carnes, PhD, was invited to apply for a Fulbright - Canada Award to conduct research on a small pilot study with 200 subjects. After discussions with a geneticist and a consideration of statistics, the project was enlarged to 1,600 subjects. With this greater number of subjects, Dr. Carnes knows his project has the potential for significant outcomes and influence.

AFAR is coordinating and managing all clinical aspects of the Study, including working with the investigative sites (six treatment centers plus the University of Southern Mississippi and the University of Alberta) to collect psychological data and saliva specimens for genetic study, and assisting in the genetic analysis.

We need your help to support the study. The results could facilitate coverage by insurance companies and reimbursement for treatment! The research may also help reduce stigma and lead to prompt and effective treatment for sexual addiction.
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