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As a research foundation, AFAR creates lasting solutions to addiction through research, education and advocacy. Our long term vision is to create a world liberated from addiction.

AFAR is governed by an active and committed Board of Directors -- each member giving time and financial resources to the Foundation. While AFAR is committed to a world without addiction -- all addictions -- the Foundation will focus its efforts through 2019 in three areas:
  • Sexual addiction
  • Internet pornography addiction
  • Effect of the internet, and specifically internet pornography, on children
We’ve targeted these addictions because of their explosive growth and destructive potential. In fact, sexual addiction is growing exponentially among young people. Addiction rates are increasing in our children faster than any other age group due to the access, anonymity and affordability of the internet. And, children are particularly vulnerable given their ongoing brain development.

Addiction is a catastrophic threat to our children now and for future generations to come.


Founded by Patrick Carnes, PhD, AFAR fosters innovations in scientific research, understanding and dissemination of knowledge about addiction disorders. AFAR advances the field of addiction medicine in neuroscience and brain chemistry, substance abuse and process addictions, such as gambling and sex. Dr. Carnes, a pioneer in the field of sexual addiction has made innovations in sexual compulsivity, trauma and outcome measurement through scientific research, treatment and education. He founded AFAR to fund research that influences public policy in addiction.

An author of more than two dozen books on sexual addiction and trauma, Dr. Carnes created the Sexual Addiction Screening Test - which is the gold standard in assessment and treatment. A partnership between AFAR and University of Southern Mississippi made this research possible. Since 2012 AFAR’s research has focused on sexual addiction. More than 40 scientific articles have been written based upon this work.